5 Swim Trends Making Waves in 2018

Summer is officially here, and there's nothing you want to do more than book a summer vacation that'll include lots of lazy hours by the pool and hot days at the beach. But right before you hop on that plane or head out to the ocean, you want to make sure your swimsuit will turn heads no matter which part of the world you're in. Well, we've gathered five 2018 beachwear trends that we know will make you shine as bright as that hot summer sun. You're welcome ;)

1. It's all in the details. We've been seeing this trend for a few seasons now, but it continues to evolve and receive attention from small and iconic brands alike. Sometimes small additions like flowers or tassels on a bathing suit can upgrade your look from simple to simply stunning. Be that girl who gets Instagram-perfect moments all day long with a suit that'll keep you at least a bit more unique than everyone else at the pool.

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tassels bikini

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2. Go beach to street and vice versa by wearing a one-piece swimsuit. Bodysuits have been an ongoing craze around the world, and we're happy to say it seems like they're here to stay - at least for a while. To make this trend even more convenient for you - try investing in a high-quality, one-piece swimsuit that'll serve you well on the beach and double up as a sexy top when you're out and about. 

beach to street swimsuit look

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one piece red swimsuit

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3. Chic front ties have been big in tops in the last months. We are oh so happy to see them in bikinis this summer! The front tie silhouette will outline your chest and create a sweet AND sexy vibe all at the same time. What's even more great about these bathing suits is that you can wear them with or without the string, so you actually gt two bikini tops in one!

front tie yellow bikini

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4. Velvet everything has been trending for a couple of years now. With this royal trend came a refreshing twist in swimsuits. We love seeing all sorts of simple bathing suit styles in velvet. The velvet bathing suit will keep you fashionable while maintaining your elegance and poise. Make sure not to go too crazy with the silhouettes when wearing a velvet bathing suit because you want to look chic, not outdated.

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5. The cheeky, ruched back is an ongoing trend, and we know exactly why - it is beautifully flattering and can make you feel like the beach goddess that you are. While it may feel a little exposing at first, you will see that it is just as comfortable as a plain bikini bottom. We've seen this bikini bottom silhouette on "it" girls all over the world. It's your turn now. 

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