Attention to Detail: FW '19 Accessories

Ain't nothing like the small details that upgrade a look from chic to perfect. Going into FW, we've thoroughly analyzed current "it" girls' best wardrobe moments and spotted several must-have accessories that are just the right finishing touches to any outfit this season. 

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1. Statement-making chains are all the rage right now. Whether in the form of a necklace, bracelet or belt, chains are currently everywhere. Chains can accent an already-daring outfit, or give a little edge to more classic looks. Therefore, no matter your style, expect to keep chains in heavy rotation this season. There are many ways to be sustainable. Acquiring accessories you can wear often is one, so definitely get yourself some chain pieces this fall.

Gold chain necklace inspiration

Photo via: @noakirel_

chain gold necklace

Photo via: @de_rococo

Gold chain belt

Photo via: @taliacupcake

2. Headbands are back just in time to assemble your best Gossip-Girl inspired 'fit. Get those Blair Waldorf feels this season with crowns of all styles - from padded to wrapped, or studded with pearls. This season's headbands don't only look beautiful with hair-down looks, but can also be perfect for rainy days when your hair is up because it would otherwise look a mess.

White headband look

Photo via: @ellepearls

Pearl Headband Fall 2019

Photo via: @ninaafinaa

Black Padded Headband

Photo via: @ninaafinaa

3. Unique hair clips and pins are clearly the way to go this season. If you have scrolled through your Instagram feed for a total of even one hour over the last few months, we assume you already know this. Celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Ariana Grande and Solange have been getting in on the hair pins trend, which is, to be honest, giving us major 90's flashbacks.

Pearl Hair Clips

Photo via: @edenfines

Small Hair Pin 2019

Photo via: @ninaafinaa

Pearl Hair Pin

Photo via: jessthrowiton_

4. Rhinestone belts have been having a moment for a little while now, and we're continuing to see them give a stunning spark to sweet fall outfits right now. While these belts are quite delicate, and normally do not serve as an actual belt, they are a fun accessory on a girl's hip or waist, and we totally approve that. Rhinestone belts can add twinkles to casual, daytime outfits, or a sparkly finish to going-out looks. You're welcome ;)

Rhinestone belt inspiration

Photo via: @samiraradmehr

Rhinestone Belt on a Casual Look

Photo via: @chelsiee.paige

5. All of the Scrunchies that are now everywhere make us extra happy. Not only is it fun to be able to add some color, texture and life to your hairdo, but scrunchies are generally less harmful to your hair than tighter hairbands. For all you girls who are finding it more convenient to keep your hair pulled back at work or school, the 80's and 90's scrunchies are now available for you to play with! 

Green Scrunchie for Fall '19

Photo via: @frankvinyl

Green Scrunchie Trend

Photo via: @alxmccarthy

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