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There's never a bad time to infuse a little sweetness into an outfit. There's just something about combining the softness of a bow-style tie into different styles for a variety of occasions. A bow tie can make you feel like a Disney princess, but also simply give a feminine twist to a more "serious" outfit.

We love to see bloggers and fashion personalities worldwide embrace the feminine look of bow ties. Over the years, we've seen iconic designers from Prada to Valentino using the bow-tie style, but one certainly does not have to buy designers to achieve the look. Below are some outfit-inspiration photos for you. Use them to construct your own bow-tie-inspired ensembles 💕

1. Incorporate the bow tie in your bodysuit. It's no secret that fine-fitting bodysuits are a hit nowadays. They are comfortable, feminine and can be worn to the gym as well as for a Saturday night out. Girls love them, as do we! And what a sweet addition a big (or small) bow tie in the back of your bodysuit can be! Notice this bow tie can be tied several ways to achieve different levels of "fluff." 

Photo via: @cmcoving

2. Soften the rough look with the flare of a bow tie. The bow tie doesn't have to make you look like a good girl. It is possible to keep the edge and personality while incorporating a simple, delicate touch. If you use the right colors and fit, you will be able to portray your personality in all the right ways.

Rough around the edges bow tie look

Photo via: @ironnsalt

3. Wear a bow tie in an accessory for just a touch of the trend. The wonderful thing about accessories is that they can be worn and removed on the go, based on where you're going and what you're doing with your day. A touch of sweetness in your hair accessory, hat or jewelry will do the trick.

Bow hair tie

Photo via: @jacimariesmith

4. Wear the sweetness on your sleeve if you want to really get creative. We love items that turn heads on the streets, and our pink Laced Sleeves Bomber jacket does just that! Can we also just say how beautiful Leeor Alexandra looks in it?

Laced sleeves bomber jacket

Photo via: @leeoralexandra

5. Wear an open-back bow-tie look with your hair up to accentuate the style. The updo will assure a cleanliness to your overall outfit. Some bow ties have quite the presence, and it's a good idea to avoid hair volume when the shirt already has depth. This rule should, in general, be adopted for every style that can take the stage on its own.

bow tie open back shirt

Photo via: @cmcoving

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