How to Maximize Your Coachella Style

Part fashion runway, part music festival, Coachella never fails to display the season's most creative, trendsetting and exciting styles and outfits. From crop tops to shorts, skirts, fringe, flowers and everything in between, one look around the festival will provide you with a pretty clear picture of what's hot and what's not. Most of us have seen way too many flower crowns and in recent years. It's time for something new. In general, we would love to see more girls thinking more outside the box when they pack for the festival this year. Therefore, we've rounded up some inspiring, not-so-standard looks for your 2018 festival season. Once you check the following off your list, start packing, then go soak in the sun!

1. Ditch the flower crown, rock the straw hat. Times are moving forward, and so are the festival accessory trends. Putting aside the fact that we've been seeing flowers in girls' festival hairdos for years now, why not protects your head and face with a straw hat that is not only comfortable, but also fits the Coachella vibe? 

Straw hat

Photo via: @caitlynchase

2. Embrace the bodysuit. Bodysuits are not only trendy, but also comfortable and generally not too warm (unless they are long-sleeved or made out of a super warm fabric). All together, these qualities make them the perfect fit for festival season. We love this season's square-neckline bodysuits because they combine the boho chic that is so typical for festivals with an edge that hints just the right amount of trend awareness.

boho trend bodysuit

3. Knots and bow ties are everywhere this spring, and Coachella is the perfect opportunity to rock them. Whether you top ties in the front, back or side, this look is promised to implement some sweetness into your outfit. What's more, a knot or bow tie often mean that there will be some skin showing and less stickiness on your body. See our Coachella Collection page for many ideas of how to adopt this look.

bow tie shirt

Photo via: Getty Images

4. Upgrade the standard white, boho crop top by pairing it with symmetrical lines and edgy accessories. The boho crop top doesn't always have to be paired with ripped jeans and cowboy boots, and Kendall Jenner in the photo below proves that exceptionally. 

white crop top

Photo via: Pinterest

5. An outfit doesn't have to incorporate every single trend on the hot list in order to accomplish an edgy look. Sometimes one trendy accessory, like a pair of retro sunglasses, is just enough. For one of your festival days, try to wear a minimalistic outfit with one trendy accessory. There's nothing like feeling like you're wearing the perfect outfit with minimal effort made behind the scenes.  

Retro Sunglasses

Photo via: Tommy Garcia

6. The stars trend is BIG right now, and we can think of a million ways to incorporate it into your Coachella gear. Stars can be worn on your mesh shirts, sunglasses, shoes and more. See our recent star-themed blog post for more ideas.

Stars dress

Photo via: @hoskelsa


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