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So we've gotten to that magical time of year when you can mix and match between crop tops, faux fur, mini skirts, knits, mesh and long sleeves. This year's fall trends offer you so many ways to be the "it girl" of the season. We've gathered a list of these must-have trends for you and some photos for inspiration, so you can start checking items off your list starting right now. You're welcome.
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1. Leopard prints can get tacky if you don't use them correctly, but can also be just the right boost to any fall outfit. This season, we've seen leopard prints on Victoria Beckham, Tom Ford and Carolina Herrera runways. Our Princie Fall Collection's leopard prints are so on point, we have no doubt they'll be head turners. Leopard prints can be worn in your entire outfit, or paired with a more plain item for a more classic look. Gold-color accessories compliment the leopard print, and will complete your look.
lilymaymac in leopard prints
Photo via: @lilymaymac
Michelle Infusiono In Leopard
Photo via: @michelleinfusino
2. Cozy, over-sized jackets are perfect for just about any day of fall. They can be worn with a crop top or a long sleeve underneath, and paired with shorts, jeans, sweats.... basically anything! Cozy jackets are amazing whether they're a plain one color, or have some sort of a statement print or pattern. They're the perfect throw-on-and-go items, and you will be thankful you bought them each time you wear them. Trust us when we say we're speaking from experience here. 
Romee Strijd in cozy leopard jacket
Photo via: @romeestrijd
Photo via: @sophiesuchan
3. Joggers and matching sweat sets are another fall staple we know you will be glad you invested in. After seeing them on Fashion Weeks' runways around the world, it is no surprise that this fall, as in the last few years, sweatpants are a completely acceptable out-and-about outfit. Flaunt your edge with a matching sweat set, or keep it cool with over-sized joggers and a plain top. Pair with your favorite sneakers for maximum comfort and cool, then go chase those pavements.
Photo via: @avishagnagar1
Photo via: @kyliejenner
4. Statement accessories are this fall's must-have sidekicks, and we have selected a few of our trendy faves. Acquire a layered necklace, perhaps one with some sort of coin pedant on it to present a classic, yet chic choice. And if you really want to remain on-trend, we recommend any sort of statement gold earrings (check out our Stay in the Loop or the Shape of You earrings).
Photo via: @sindiarifi
Photo via: @sincerelyjules
5. For the cherry on bottom: statement socks are our #1 accessory this fall. Get ready for people to smile when they stand next to you and choose to look at the floor for some reason. Your statement socks can vary from cool swatches (check out bad-girl Riri in velvet socks and Cara Delevingne in net socks), to socks with a cute or funny saying on them. Either way, socks are your way to have fun with this Fall's wardrobe choices. 
Rihanna in velvet socks
Photo via: Pinterest
Photo via: Pinterest 

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