Falling into Fall? We Got You

A decrease in heat doesn't have to be a decrease in bliss. Going into Fall 2019, we've rounded up a list of 5 current trends we know you should bring into your closet as you welcome the new season. From necklines to silhouettes, colors, vibe and accessories - we got you covered. Click here to shop our Fall Collection, which will be updated with hot new arrivals all throughout fall!

1. Mock necks are basically half of a turtleneck. It's no secret that the 90's are trending hard right now. Given that knowledge, we are convinced that the mock-neck silhouette, which looks beautiful with any length sleeve, is just the right neckline to invest in this season. From sweatshirts to long-sleeved tops and short-sleeved shirts, the mock-neck trend is available for you to wear as you please. 

mock neck beige sweater

Photo via: @laurajadestone

Photo via: @princieapparel and @gabbykuberski

2. Punk grunge looks and romantic silhouettes may seem like complete opposites but, hey, sometimes opposites really do attract. Corset tops paired with combat boots and soft-silhouette tops accompanied by chain chokers or other edgy accessories are just a couple of examples that'll give you an idea of how to make this dynamic duo work for you.

white corset top

Photo via: @majamalnar

Corset silhouette with edgy belt

Photo via: @cindyprado

black sweater with chain necklace

Photo via: @jamialix

3. Neon turtlenecks will be the perfect way to add a pop of color to your fall wardrobe this season. The neon trend was apparent EVERYWHERE this summer. And guess what? It's sticking around this fall. A neon turtleneck will help you put a modern spin on classic pieces, and clearly be the boldest bae in the room.

Neon Turtleneck dress

Photo via: @kimkardashian

Green Neon turtleneck

Photo via: @shirlevy

4. Half-sheer pieces are some of our favorites this fall. They give away enough, but also cover just the right amount of skin. As we know some of you are still in hotter weather, so we especially love half-sheer pieces because they can be worn with shorts as well as pants or underneath a jacket. We are currently especially obsessed with our half-sheer black Corset Top (seen on @izzybizzyspider below 😍)

Half sheer long sleeve top

Photo via: @nicolecarlsonxo

Half sheer corset top Princie Apparel

Photo via: @princieapparel

5. Graphic tees are everywhere, as we're sure you noticed (and if you haven't, well, now you have). A t-shirt may seem like a dull piece, and often end up at the bottom of the pile in your closet. The hottest "it" girls, however, have recently proven that a graphic t-shirt, whether repping a band, motto or art, can be a casual yet brilliant way to express yourself in style.

white graphic tee

Photo via: @annazak12

Pink graphic tee

Photo via: @ashley_moore_

Stripes Graphic Tee

Photo via: @ellenvlora

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