HOLIDAYFEELS: What to wear?

'Tis the season to be jolly, but how can you be merry when every single event requests you look "holiday chic," 'festive," or dress in "cocktail attire"? Those outfits aren't going to plan themselves. No worries, we got you covered ;). From a holiday-season coffee with the girls to a friends' party or a New Year's Eve gathering, here are some ideas to put in your back pocket and pull out when the time comes, which is soon! 

1. Acquire a lingerie-style bodysuit or crop top to pair with a pair of high-rise jeanspants or skirt. The lace can be dressed up with some heels for an evening party, or dressed down with flats for a daytime event. And, most importantly during this season, it looks hot when it peaks from under a trendy, warm jacket. This outfit can easily be complimented with a pair of hoop earrings or layered necklace.

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2. Compliment any single-color items with an animal-print jacket, sweater or top because it's trendy, chic and fun! Honestly, we've been seeing the animal prints around since the beginning of the season, and we love that they go with pretty much any plain color. If wearing an animal-printed piece, be sure not to over do it and maintain a classy vibe to your look. As we've discussed in our last blog post, leopard prints tend to look fabulous with some gold-color accessories, but can also (as seen in Sindi's photo below) be rocked with silver-colored ones.

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3. Glitters and sequins for New Year's Eve will likely never get old. Therefore, we recommend choosing one or two sequin/glitter items and flaunting your shines for at least one nighttime soiree. As we said about the animal prints, be sure your outfit isn't so sparkly it hurts the eyes of those sipping champagne across the room from you. To maintain a good balance, either pair the sequined item with a plain item, or maintain a good glitter-to-skin ratio.

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4. Those one-shoulder tops and dresses are yet another trend that has been around in the last two months, and we can think of so many ways to implement them into any holiday-time outing. From a one-shoulder top for a daytime event, to a one-shoulder mini for a nighttime party - this trend assures you'll be a unique head-turner wherever you go. The one-shoulder silhouette is one of our favorites this season because it outlines the body in a sophisticated way that is fitting for the time and place we know you'll be in.

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5. A silky-fabric dress is sure to perfectly complete your holiday wardrobe. We're not trying to be subjective or anything, but our Linda Dress will fit the part just fine ;). Now all that's left is actually going out and having a blast with new friends, ones you already love, or family you love to spend time with. See the collection below to shop. Happy holidays, Princie babes!

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