How to Master the Neon Trend

Not sure if you've noticed, Princie babes, but everything that stands out in the crowd promises to be a hit this spring. From small accessories to entire suits, neon shades ruled the runways of the S/S 2019 New York Fashion week. We've seen Kylie JennerBella Hadid and even Blake Lively strutting in showstopping neons. It's now your turn.
While neon was formerly identified with the 80's, our 21st-century fashion designers and influencers have, mostly masterfully, adapted the trend into a modern, sophisticated style. Here are some tips that'll help you incorporate the trend into your own wardrobe as we look ahead.

1. Go neon head to tow with a neon dress, jumper, or matching set. Pair with black or white accessories when it feels right. Pull your hair up to create a fashion-forward look.

Kylie Jenner in neon orange dress and accessories

Photo via: @kyliejenner

Abigail Goddard in neon green matching set

Photo via: @abigailgoddard

2. Tone down a neon item (or should we say tone up your look) by wearing neon with shades of beige, white or even denim. We realize, as a normal girl, you may not always want to be seen from miles away. Some days simply call for fashion-forward, yet casual outfits. Here are a couple of examples that incorporate the trend in everyday outfits. 

Leonie Hanne in neon green top

Photo via: @leoniehanne

Julie Sarinana in neon orange jacket

Photo via: @sincerelyjules

3. Soften your neon look with delicate, girly silhouettes. Neon doesn't have to look like it was pulled out of a sci-fi film. Surprising, right? Check out these feminine looks that incorporate the neon trend.

Julie sarinana in neon top and skirt

Photo via: @sincerelyjules

4. Get wild by combining neon with other recent trends. We couldn't possibly ignore the few trends that have been burning hot for months now: the animal print, the mid-top cutout and the one-shoulder tops. Now that neon is all the rage, we've spotted some It Girls merging the trends with one another. Get yourself an animal-print neon top, a mid-body cutout neon piece or a neon one-shoulder top to hop on the bandwagon. 

sitabellan in animal print neon green dress

Photo via: @sitabellan

 Kim Kardashian in neon pink dress

Photo via: @kimkardashian

5. And if all of this boldness isn't enough, we're seeing the world of Instagram go particularly crazy over the 21st-century kind of neon: flash-reflective fabrics. These pieces may look like ordinary gray clothes, but they flash bright when a light is shun on them. Don't mix these up with glow-in-the-dark items because, well, that's just not what they are. And while a few months ago we may have looked at a flash-reflective piece and thought that it's strictly made for Instagram addicts, we're increasingly seeing this trend incorporated into sports and street wear. 

Hodaya Cohen in Flash Reflective Joggers and Jacket 

Photo via: @hodaya_c

happybb.vegan in flash reflective joggers

Photo via: @happybb.vegan

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