How to Mesh It Up

There is no arguing that mesh is an optimal sidekick for spring. It offers the perks of showing some skin, but doesn't expose so much that you'll look like summer came to your wardrobe too early. Mesh items come in sparkly styles for nights out and sporty looks for everyday gear. This spring, we're seeing celebrities, influencers and chic girls out on the streets of LA wearing mesh in girly, soft outfits as well as in edgy, sophisticated assortments. So, here's our recommendation of the week: channel your inner fashionista and mesh up your wardrobe with at least a couple of staple pieces. Here are some ideas that'll undoubtedly inspire you to mesh up:

1. Stars are everywhere in look books and social media this year. Yes, we know we've mentioned this before, but we're repeating it because this look is so chic we can't stay away! See our stars-themed post for more starstruck looks. Stars can give a mesh fabric the extra glow it needs for a trendy vibe. Also, if an entire shirt of mesh is too revealing for you, it's completely acceptable and even classy to wear a plain tank top underneath. 

Valerie Star Photo 

Photo via: @valerie_star

Photo via: @allisonschaper

2. Wear a mesh shirt with a flowers embroidery pattern to combine a trendy look with some sweetness. We know, Miranda Priestly of The Devil Wears Prada said "flowers for spring? Shocking." But, hey, here's a way to keep your spring florals as contemporary as they get.

Flowers on mesh shirt

Photo via: @chiaraferragni

3. A partially-mesh jacket is perfect for when you want to step up your sporty game. Often times, all you want to wear when leaving the house is a pair of sweatpants and sneakers. A mesh jacket is an ideal way to give your everyday clothes the sophistication they deserve. Take a look below to see how Princie babe Leeor Alexandra rocked our Sheer Sleeves Jacket during her recent travels to Japan. By the way, those striped sweatpants are Princie, too ;)

Leeor Alexandra in Japan

Photo via: @princieapparel

4.  Wear a mesh shirt with a laced bralette to give your look just a hint of softness. Sometimes opposites simply do attract. While a mesh shirt brings that edgy vibe to a look, a laced bralette underneath will provide your outfit with just enough sweetness to make you feel girly when you're out and about. 

Laced bralette underneath mesh shirt

Photo via: @jastookes

5. The white mesh in Bella Hadid's photo below is so on point we couldn't conclude this post without it. If you're looking to look turns at that next party, we have no doubt that some white mesh will do the trick. While white mesh can be super edgy as it is in Bella's photo below, we would also like to point out that it can be fun and flirty just like in Claudia Graziano's photo below.

Bella Hadid in White mesh

Photo via: @bellahadid

Claudia graziano in white mesh

Photo via: @claudiagraziano

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