How to Rock Those Track Pants in 2018

Thought track pants are for running? You thought wrong. Los Angeles streets are tracked-out this year, and we love it! We've seen ״it״ girls from Bella Hadid to Kendall Jenner wearing them out of the gym, so we feel pretty sure we're allowed to do the same, too. When we find a trend that's both comfortable and fashion forward, we tend to say YES! 
So how to rock those track pants without looking like you just rolled out of bed?
Here are some ideas inspired by some of IG's hottest girls:
1. Wear them with a jeans jacket, trendy shoes and a classy purse to create a timeless yet edgy look you can wear day to night. This outfit is perfect to wear to the casual work environment, then to meet with a friend for coffee, and then go out to a local bar. It's the outfit you want to wear whether you're talking to your boss or running into your crush, and it'll give you the most fantastic energy boost no matter which mirror you come across. 
 Photo via: @thriftsandthreads
2. Pair with crop top & loafers for a spring weekend look. Add some jewelry and your everyday purse and, BAM!, you'll look stylish, feminine and comfortable all at the same time. 
Photo via: @chiaraferragni
3. Remain sporty by wearing the track pants, well, like track pants! Gym clothes are all-acceptable in the 21st century, because fashionistas everywhere have expected that they, too, deserve to be comfy. So many of us have gone to Whole Foods wearing our yoga pants, and met girlfriends for coffee at Urth Cafe in our Nikes. Therefore, perhaps it's only fair to pair your track pants with a white sweatshirt and a puffy jacket. Okay, fine, you're welcome to add some edge to your outfit with a pair of Dr. Martens at the bottom.
 Photo via: @gigihadid
4. Create the night-out look with heels and a leather jacket, while remaining comfortable yet edgy in your pants. If you're daring enough to wear a crop top underneath, well, you'll be the girl that makes everyone look over their shoulder after you pass by them at the party. We promise you will repeatedly be told just how much of a fashionista you are.
Photo via: @josephineskriver
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