Shoot for the Stars

This year, stars aren't only on Hollywood Blvd. We're spotting them on clothes, shoes, accessories and so much style. While star-filled outfits may seem a little cliche to some, we think that they can totally give your daily outfits the extra, stylish boost they need. This season's star patterns may seem extremely edgy to some of us (and they can be), but they can also be altered to compliment a sweet look or a casual appearance. And what we love most about this trend is that is can be as little as a starred accessory that will transform your outfit.

Shoot toward the moon, Princie girls. If you miss, you will still be among the stars ✨

Scroll down to see how you can wear stars in all the right ways.

1. Give the sheer-shirt trend a little edge with stars. The stars will add a unique glow to your outfit that will work whether you're going out to a bar or grabbing something from your local coffee shop. Other star-filled accessories to match are a fun touch, but they're certainly not a must.

Photo via: @michelletakeaim

2. Shine some light on your good-girl outfit with stars all over a light dress. As spring break is fast approaching, use the outfit below as inspiration for how to take things a notch up, and look just a little different than the rest of the girls on the plane. The small stars on this dress allow the outfit to stay as sweet as it is trendy. We love that this dress leaves some skin showing, because it serves as a balance between the bit-hectic stars and the "plainness" of the body. 

Photo via: @chiaraferragni

3. For a bolder outfit, use an item with larger stars. Remember that bold doesn't mean overdone, and you can stay reasonably casual even when you dare to try larger prints. Again, for the calmer, more practical look, match the bold star prints with with other, more subtle pieces. Also, by the way, a choker is a fantastic, trendy accompaniment to achieve that casual but up-to-the-minute look.

Photo via: @sisterlystyle

4. Stars don't have to be all over your clothes. One star-studded accessory, like the sunglasses below, can give a plain-chic look the upgrade and flare it deserves. The combination between a calmer outfit and a bold accessory creates a sophisticated yet contemporary vibe we think you and your surroundings will appreciate.  
star sunglasses

Photo via: @lee_alon

5. Go Coachella style with as many stars as you can. Incorporate this year's trends (in this case, a jumpsuit and sheer fabric) to be the most stylish "it" girl at the festival. We think the outfit in the photo below is the perfect example for how to be comfortable, trendy, hot and sweet all at the same time. It's so good it doesn't even need the model's hair down to pop from within the crowd.
Sarasampaio Instagram

Photo via: @sarasampaio

6. As summer is quickly approaching, know that your star style can carry on to bathing suits, summer hats, and summer accessories. Start looking for your own creative ways to incorporate the trend into your wardrobe, and illuminate your look with small touches of creativity. 
bathing suit stars

Photo via: @sisterlystyle

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