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All of these Halloween vibes got us wanting to explore one of the hottest trends of the season - the leopard print. While leopard prints are exceptionally trending around Halloween, this year they are even hotter than before in the fashion world. Over the years leopard prints have gained a contradictory image of trashy, sexy, expensive and wild all at the same time -- and we love that. Depending on the vibe you're going for, wild prints can add just the right flare to a classic outfit, or give you that crazy-edgy look you're craving. Remember, however, that animal prints in general should be worn with cautious to avoid ending up looking like Edith Prickley. 
We've gathered some ideas and tips to help you wear leopard in the best way possible this season. Buckle up; it's going to get wild. 
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1. Pair your leopard prints with solid-color items to avoid clutter. As we've already mentioned, if done wrong, it's easy to look like a mess when wearing animal prints. Keep it classy by creating contrast in your look. The variation between leopard and a solid color won't only organize your look, but also extenuate the leopard-print item.

Photo via: @claudiagraziano

Photo via: @sindiarifi

2. A breezy leopard skirt, or any other flowy leopard item for that matter, gives the timeless print a touch of softness that'll transform any chic outfit into a sweet-trendy look. The breezy item of your choice can be paired with another loose item, as seen in Maja Malnar's photo below, or with a tighter item to give the outfit a contemporary twist.

Photo via: @majamalnar

Photo via: @sarastos11

3. Accessorize yourself with gold to compliment the shades of brown and beige. Thankfully, this year's runways, magazines and blogs are filled with super chic statement earrings and layered necklaces in gold color. These accessories will complete your look and, if chosen correctly, will provide you with a sophisticated vibe.

Photo via: @sindiarifi

4. Wear a leopard dress with a contemporary silhouette to be a real head turner. Pair with heels for a night look, or with sneakers for a day out on the town. Easy, breezy and beautiful, indeed. 

Photo via: @sarastos11

Photo via: @emmaleger

5. To top off any leopard-themed outfit, we love the trendy cat-eye sunglasses. "If you're going to try [to get wild], go all the way" -Charles Bukowski.

Photo via: @rutaenroute

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