Pattern it Right: from Summer to Fall

Glamorous, expressive and innovative prints and patterns have been evolving at least since the days of the 1920s Chanel suit. With every era, we see women flaunting patterns and prints that characterize the epoch and the women in it. These days, it could be agreed upon that the world's girls are not afraid to be tough, nor are they scared to look too sexy or girly. This summer, we see Hollywood's most influential personalities wearing prints of all kinds, and we have no doubt that we'll continue seeing them through the upcoming fall. Here's a guide with some idea for how to wear the hottest prints of 2018-19. See the bottom of this blog post for a whole collection of options for your own wardrobe ❤️

1. Give the print your own interpretation. Square prints have been around for a while. The pattern of squares has, in the past, been associated with the hip, "bad-ass," girl. But guess what? It can also be sweet and chic! In the photo below, Lexi Mars shows us exactly how to take a print that's not so soft, pair it with edgy sunglasses and still look like the most girly personality on the lake. We love it. 

Photo via: @leximars

2. This year's twist: fashionable fruit prints. Yes, you read it right. fruits don't have to be tacky when they're printed on clothes. Check out our very own Princie babe, LA-based dancer and choreographer Marina Moon wearing our cherry-printed Marina Mini. When you wear such a print, as with many other similar prints, make sure not to go too crazy with your accessories or shoes so that you do indeed look chic.

Photo via: @princieapparel featuring @marina___moon

3. Wear your prints with ruffles to look as girly-chic is possible. You'll be so sweet no head will stay un-turned. If you want to avoid looking like a cupcake, make sure to choose a print that's somewhat neutral. For instance, if you go with a polka-dot print, which is super girly, it's a good idea to choose calmer colors (not a pastel pink). By the way, bare shoulders are always a nice touch to create a certain balance between print and plain.

Photo via: @emmaleger

4. Small flowers are everywhere in prints this year. We love the smaller flower prints because they are a good midpoint between plain and fully floral. When done right, small flowers (we've seen fruit, too!) can be the perfect print for your daytime outfit. In addition, we love prints on midi dresses because their length is perfect for a day at the office as well as a morning out on the town. Take a look at our Marina and Blake Midis for inspiration :)

5. Matching sets have been around for a little while, and they're not going anywhere. When a matching set is printed, it becomes at least twice as much fun. If you do wear such a matching set, it's a good idea to make sure there's also some skin showing (definitely does not have to be as much skin as in the photo below), and that your accessories and shoes are not too crazy, to keep a well-balanced look. 

Photo via: @leximars

6. As fall is getting closer, we recommend every fashionista to arm herself with an edgy printed or patterned skirt. Whether it's an army print, or some sort of geometric-shape print, we're game! These skirts can be worn during hot summer nights as well as later, when fall comes around. Worthy investment? We sure think so. 

Photo via: @haileebobailee

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