We Got a Crush on Velvet

Baby, it's (still) cold outside. And what a hustle it sometimes is to find fabrics that are both stylish and warm. Thankfully, one of this year's most coveted trends is... can you guess? Velvet! It's warm, soft, and can be dressed up or down according to the occasion, lifestyle or mood. We have recently loved to see velvet out on the streets and runways of fashion weeks, and continue to be impressed by the many different ways girls are wearing it. Velvet can elevate any simple outfit with just one shiny touch and, despite of what many may think, there are responsible ways to clean the velvet in your wardrobe.

Here is some inspiration that'll help you use velvet on the daily, not only for fancy occasions:

1. A touch of a velvet jacket is the perfect way to give your casual outfit a noticeable sparkle. Pair the jacket with more "standard" fabrics to make sure your outfit still carries a casual vibe. We have no doubt that people who hug you to say hello will end up commenting on how soft you feel. Awkward? We think it's fun! 

Velvet jacket

Photo via: @michelletakeaim

2. A velvet dress used to be an item for nighttime outings and luxurious events. But it's so much more fun to pull one off in the daytime! It's all about balance. Velvet is not the most neutral fabric. Therefore, when wearing a whole dress of it (especially in the daytime) simply pair it with plain sneakers. Be careful not to accessorize too much so you can keep a clean and sweet look.  

velvet dress

Photo via: @kelsey_white

3. Do add accessories if you're trying to achieve a hot nighttime look. The jewelry will give your velvet dress a different vibe, the type you want to produce when you're going out on the town. Sleeking your hair back in such a case is great to, once again, create a balanced and clean look.

velvet with accessories

Photo via: @chiaraferragni

4. Oh, velvet shoes are to die for! Once again, if you choose to be brave and embrace velvet with your feet, be sure to pair those shoes up with a more neutral fabric like jeans. Try to avoid plaid pants when you wear your velvet shoes. You want the velvet shoes to be the focal point of your outfit. And guess what? Velvet shoes aren't only available in heels this season! We've seem them in sneakers, moccasins, sandals and more. 

Velvet heels

Photo via: @whowhatwear

5. Men can do it, too! You know how they say only real men wear pink? Well, let us add to that phrase: only real men wear pink velvet! And if pink and velvet in the same outfit is too much for them, we'd be perfectly happy to see a man in a black velvet jacket. 

velvet men jacket

Photo via: @karliekloss

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