Why Ruffles are Making a Comeback

Here's the deal. Fashion, like history, naturally repeats itself. A true fashionista, however, has the ability to reinvent history's trends again and again. Ruffles have been rocking runways, award shows and street style throughout 2018 and, now that summer is around the corner, there is no better time to have loads of fun with this trend. Take a look at the fashionistas below for some ideas. Remember that ruffles don't always have to be childish. As Cristobal Balenciaga said, "a ruffle must be intelligent."
1. Ruffles on a crop top are the perfect combination to create a romantic yet sexy look. After seeing sweethearts from Shay Mitchell to Emily Ratajkowski wearing ruffled crop tops at Coachella less than a month ago, we know the trend is here to stay at least for this summer. Honestly, these exotic tops can go with almost any bottom - from jeans to skirts, shorts, high rise or low rise. Definitely a worthy summer investment ;)
Sarahstylesseattle at coachella
Cara Jourdan in Flowers Crop Top
Photo via: @carajourdan
2. Wear small ruffles on a bodysuit to keep up with the trend while maintaining a clean look. If you do indeed wish to assure a neat look, pair the bodysuit with relatively blank bottoms. This outfit idea is easy, comfortable, and can be relatively cheap. We highly recommend it!
Cara Jourdan Instagram Photo
Photo via: @carajourdan
3. These ruffled-bottom, tie-around skirts are everywhere this summer! And, honestly, we can't think of a more fun piece to put on for a hot day out. Pair this patterned skirt up with a crop top, a bodysuit or a plain tank top to achieve a most updated summer outfit.
Ruffled skirt tie around
Photo via: @sincerely_styled
4. Ruffled bottoms are also beautifully sweet when at the end of shorts, dresses or rompers. Whether your clothing item is polka-dotted, striped or blank, a little ruffle at the bottom will add a summer-chic romance to your outfit. So go ahead, girls. Get on with the times and flaunt those ruffles wherever you go this summer! 
Ruffles bottom dress red
Photo via: @vivianeaudi
Ruffled Shorts Square pattern
Photo via: @emilyvartanian
Ruffled pink shorts
Photo via: @allaboutlisa
Short ruffled mini dress
Photo via: @debiflue
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